a Escuela Juntucha

Located in Cochabamba, the fourth
largest city in Bolivia, we have a
unique language school that teaches
Spanish and Quechua in a fun,
personal, interactive and effective way!














We have two different lesson
packages, but you decide how
often, when and what the lessons
should be about! Nice right?!


Do you want to learn Spanish in
Bolivia, one of the most beautiful
countries in South America?
To help on your trip, volunteer
project or internship? Then
you have come to the right place!

At Juntucha we believe in learning
by doing; learning the language
in practice. Stamp fewer words
and speak more. Because only then
you will quickly master Spanish.


At Juntucha, Quechua is also
on the menu. Quechua was the
main language of the Inca
Empire and is still an official
language in South America,
especially in Peru, Bolivia
and Ecuador.
Maybe you need
Quechua to interact with local
people during your volunteering
work or internship.

By the way… did you know that
Juntucha, in Quechua, means
“coming together”?







You are in charge of
your own learning process

Our student centered approach will
adapt to your individual learning process
and help you reach your language goals.
Whatever your motivation, our teachers
will center tailor-made classes around
your specific goals and topics of interest!


At Juntucha we believe languages are not learned from a textbook. For this reason our lessons largely focus on conversation. Since you will be able to use much of what you’ve learned as soon as you go out and talk to people on the street, at the market or in a restaurant, this will help build your confidence!

All our teachers are Bolivian and love to connect you to their culture through language. They will include slang or typical Bolivian words to help you integrate in Bolivian society. 


In our experience one-on-one lessons are the quickest way to level up in any language. This is why we offer private classes. We do offer group lessons as well, but it depends on the level of each student if we will put you and your friend in the same class.

Your teacher can fully adapt the lessons to your individual wishes and needs. You might want to learn Spanish to get around while traveling through South-America. Or you already have a decent level of Spanish, but you want to become more fluent. 


Juntucha has been running for 6 years and we have been very
excited to see that more and more people are finding their way to our school. For this reason we decided to build Casa Juntucha. Our very own building in which we have several beautiful classrooms
where students have space to share, learn and improve their language skills.

We also have rooms available for students to rent. This way you won’t even have to travel to get to your lessons!   








Please note that these prices
are average due to exchange rate.










Language is the key to culture!

That’s why with us you will not only
learn Spanish, but also Bolivian!
This way, in addition to general
Spanish words and grammar, you
will become acquainted with the
Bolivian ‘slang’ and typical Bolivian
words and expressions. Did you know
that Bolivians often put “¿no ve?”
(you know) as a stop word after a
sentence? And that ‘yapa’ is an
extra with your purchase to keep
you coming back? With our lessons
you are really immersed in the
Bolivian languageand culture. Want
to go one step further? Then choose
to stay with a host family. This way
you get a complete insight into
Bolivian life!