Our Package Deals

Just choose the one that suits you best!

We have a package for the slightly more advanced traveler and a package for
those who like to have a little bit more guidance during their stay. Either way,
we help you find the perfect project and the best place to stay!



This package is ideal if you prefer to explore
on your own. There is a lot of space to fill in
your adventure according to your own wishes.

24/7 service + Airport pick up

We take you once to your project

and once to your language course

Sim card for your mobile phone

City tour through Cochabamba


This package offers all the same services
as listed at  ‘
Ready for take off’  but has
the following additional services:

We take you 3 times to your project
and 3 times to your language course

1 language course ‘Surviving in Spanish’

1 language course tailor-made to your project

We find and book the best ticket for you

3 extra tours: K’oa ritual, Cristo de la
Concordia and Laguna Alalay

Airport drop-off

Please note that with both packages, part of the fee
goes to our local foundation Casa de la Alegría!