Working on a project for sea turtles and endangered species in Monterrico/Guatemala

Duration:                  minimum of 1 week          

Useful skills:            interest in environmental topics, good physical condition due to the humidity and the work, willing to get your hands dirty, experience in taking care of animals/reforestation/environmental protection.         

Location:                  the center is in a remote area near the touristy village of Monterrico (5km) and the accommodation is very basic.     

Possible tasks:      helping out in the hatchery, night patrols, collecting data on sea turtles, helping release the baby turtles, supporting the reforestation project, working in environmental education, supporting conservation of endangered species, taking care of injured turtles, helping to clean the enclosures and prepare food, feeding the animals.

About the project:

In Guatemala – as well as in other parts of the world – sea turtle eggs are supposed to be a delicacy and it’s said they have an aphrodisiac effect. Robbing of sea turtle nests and the shrinking of their natural habitat led some species to near extinction. Today, collecting sea turtle eggs in Guatemala is allowed under the condition that 20% of the eggs are brought to one of the many hatcheries and this system kind of works out. Nevertheless, this project is dedicated to the conservation and protection of sea turtles in the Guatemalan pacific region. The organization runs a hatchery and a rescue center for injured turtles and other maritime animals. During the season from August – January, thousands of olive ridley and leatherback baby turtles are bred and released into the sea. Furthermore, the project is involved in captive breeding of other endangered species, reforestation of mangroves and environmental education in the pacific region. Volunteers can get their hands dirty helping out in all the different activities here. The project offers (shared) rooms and meals for volunteers, and the remote location of this place can be challenging but is also a place of refuge from our modern hectic world.

On site:                      pick-up from Monterrico, shared room in the project, 24/7 contact to coordinator in Quetzaltenango, emergency support, purified water, basic accommodation, shower, sheets, towels, mosquito net, little shops for basic needs in the surrounding villages, simple restaurants, bad mobile signal, basic medical attention in Monterrico (5km).