About Us

We are a small-scale organization,
consisting of 4 permanent employees
and a team of volunteers in the
Netherlands who have passion and
expertise in making your experience
as positive and educational as possible!


As an organization we strive
for allowing volunteers of all
ages to get to know this
continent in a unique way. In
a South American country of
your choice (Bolivia, Brazil,
Ecuador, Guatemala), we will
match you with a carefully
selected project based on
your interests or educational
background. Our goal? Con-
necting people and projects to
create a meaningful collabora-
tion that benefits both parties.

We give great importance
to the guidance of volunteers:
with our ‘mother goose method’
we do everything we can ensure
that you feel at home as quickly
as possible. We are there for
you 24/7 in case of problems,
we will give you a hug when you
need it, and tips for your


Sustainability is our key value. This
does not only mean taking care of
nature and environment, but also
considering the long-term impact
of projects on the local community. 

How can we manage to stimulate
both short-term and long-term
development and autonomy through
our work as an intermediary agency
for volunteers? We therefore intend
to provide care and services in a way
that has a long-lasting effect. This
partially comes from our desire to
offer children perspectives on a
better future. This is why we colla-
borate with Casa de la Alegría, an
NGO that supports children and
young adults who cope with trauma
through Creative Therapy. This is a
method based on offering therapy
through dance, music, play and art.
All of our profits go directly to
this fund!




















The BSA team works from Casa Juntucha, our recently build house where everything we create comes together. In this house we offer brand new and spacious accommodation for the volunteers, including a communal terrace and a garden where the volunteers and the members of our foundation can meet each other. The office of Beyond South America is located here as well, together with a few classrooms where you can take Spanish lessons. We have created a dynamic space where living, working and learning comes together! 


If you decide to come to Cochabamba for a volunteering stay, we will try to make you feel immediately at home. You will be able to meet all of our team members, who will be happy to answer your questions and show you around. Before you know it, you’ll become part of the family! If you are interested, you will be given the opportunity to help our foundation develop into something bigger, by supporting us with general tasks at the office or
our language school. You can become a real part of our team and help us build something that we believe in!



















We offer very personalized
attention to your wishes, needs
and talents, in order to find the
best match possible. Whether
you are happiest surrounded
by nature or in a big city, living
with a host family or in a house
with other volunteers, we will
help you the best we can
to create your own adventure!