Community Development

The kids are really amazing. If you are nervous to start your project like I was, it’ll soon pass as they greet with a hug as you’re halfway through the door and drag you by the hand into their Casitas.”


 “It was an interesting experience, as all
the sudden I was appointed as their teacher,
playmate and cook. As the time passed, I
started to feel part of the daily routine
at the Fundación.”

YARNO / Childcare

“The project I worked with had an amazing
house and family. I can tell that everybody
(the tías and the mother) are here to help the
adopted kids with whatever they need. This
gave me a fulfilling feeling.”

EVA / Childcare

“The organization has a personal touch that gives
you the feeling that your wishes are important.
I could contact them with any question! You feel
that the people of BSA work from their soul and
they radiate that! Thanks to them I got a wonderful
experience for life. Thank you!”


Read about the experiences of our Juntucha students below


“I really enjoyed the Spanish lessons I took at Juntucha. The classes I took were the private classes, these
classes were very useful for me to get acquainted with the Spanish spoken in Bolivia. Parts of the lessons
were linked to the culture here so that I also got some experience with this. In the beginning, it was a little
difficult to determine my level during the group lessons, but once my private lessons started, this was no
longer a problem. The teachers were very friendly and calm and took into account the level of the students.
They also taught me different things about the country and its history. The explanation of the homework
I received helped me even after my lessons were over. Thanks Beyond South America, for everything!”


“I took two weeks of Spanish lessons here together with a classmate. Within this short time, we learned the basics of the language. With this knowledge, we are now able to order something at a restaurant or buy anything at a market. It was a nice learning environment and the teachers were always cheerful. I would recommend this company to anyone!”


“Learning a language isn’t easy, but with the teachers at Juntucha I definitely didn’t get that feeling! They teach you things in a playful way without really that schooly atmosphere. They are interested in the student sitting in front of them and they anticipate that. Definitely recommended if you want to brush up on your Spanish.”


“We had a great time at Juntucha! Together with a friend I took 2 weeks of classes in the morning. These classes were fun and we learned a lot by playing games or going into the city. This is the best way to learn in my opinion. For fun and playfull classes, Juntucha is the right place”.














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